What is SayIt!?

SayIt! is a text-based augmentative and alternative communication app for iOS. It allows you to type what you want to say and then speak it out using speech synthesis. It includes more than 15 voices, some of which use artificial intelligence to deliver really high quality sound and performance.

Key features

  • Use a keyboard of your choice or use the built-in SayIt! Keyboard which includes word prediction.
  • Add your most commonly used phrases to a gridview and just tap one to speak it out. You can organize phrases into separate phrase boards.
  • Keep all your settings and phrases safe and secure in your account. This makes it easy to change devices.


  • High quality voices.
  • Option to speak each word and/or sentence as you type.
  • Works on phone calls.
All the voices available


  • Quickly add your most commonly used phrases to be used at any time.
  • Organize your phrases into different boards. This makes it easy to find the right phrase for the situation.
  • Simply tap a phrase to speak it out using speech synthesis.


  • Type what you want to say using the built-in keyboard or you can use the keyboard of your choice. The built-in keyboard has word prediction which continuously learns as you use it.
  • Speak out what you type using speech synthesis simply by tapping the speech bubble on the built-in keyboard.
  • Choose from four keyboard layouts; Qwerty, ABC, Frequency, and Nine Key.
  • Optional color coordinated keyboard keys.


Whatever your ability, SayIt! offers several different access methods:

  • Use the app with your fingers.
  • Built-in highly customizable switch access.
  • Use the iOS accessibility feature, Head Tracking, to use the app with your head and eyes. This is much like eye-gaze systems.